Coaliffe de Merde, when French entrepreneurs fool internet with a fake startup

we fool you with our fake startup

Coaliffe de Merde, when French entrepreneurs fool internet with a fake startup

It sounds like a joke. Coaliffe de Merde, literally « Shitty Coaliffe », is a French website selling coffee. And not any kind of coffee : the best ever, according their own words. But the real deal is about the production : it is made from the dejections of a little Indonesian animal.

How is it possible to sell… poo ? 

Have you ever heard about Kopi Luwak ? This Indonesian coffee is also made with animal poo, but the real fun fact is… It is the best and the most expensive in the world. Why ? The production mode is so rare and difficult that the price is as high as the taste is amazing. For real, it will be the same as if you never had a real coffee before. Hard to come back to the good old Nespresso.

To sell the product, the young entrepreneurs have built up an entire story around their product, and multiplied the insurances to make the customer feel really comfortable. From the production which respects environment to the fair trade to make sure the producers are not fooled, everything is made to create a link between the e-shop and the customer.

What is the amazing story created around the product of Coaliffe de Merde ?

Do you know the Indonesian tribe called Afipapoo ? They have 3 incredible particularities :

  • They live on the island Borneo, in the deep jungle
  • Their lives are lead by a plant called coaliffer, which is used in their chaman celebrations
  • None of that is true : the Afipapoo and the coaliffer don’t even exist

But the users didn’t care a lot and believed what was written on the site, and the orders on the fake site began to happen everyday. But this is not the whole thing ! On social media, the creators played the game like it was a real business, and even published an amazing job offer on Indeed. At the day those lines are written, 43 persons have already apply in 20 days.

The story-telling was deployed on the site, but also on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. If the business was real, that would have been a home run ! But none of it is true, and not even a penny was invested (or earned) on the site. But what was the purpose ?

A college contest for young marketers, to prove money is not the real deal on the Internet

This website is in fact the participation to a SEO contest of 6 students of the Professional License of e-marketing in Bordeaux, France. SEO means Search Engine Optimisation, and the goal is to be the first link to appear on 150 keywords on Google. To achieve this goal, Coaliffe de Merde decided to grow their business as it was a real one, and used growth techniques to make some noise on the internet sphere.

By the architecture of the site, its content, and all the story around it, they even managed to rank on keywords that was not on the first list. 2 investors asked them if they were open to discuss about their business and hundred of people told them the product was interesting, and they want to buy it.

But IT DOESN’T EVEN EXIST ! And the best of it : some huge firms are trying to be the best by paying outrageous prices some bullshit web-solutions which are based on 2013 algorithms that absolutely don’t work nowadays.

Just by creating a fake product (but based on a real one) without a penny, 6 web students just proved you don’t need money to be efficient, only some technique and goddamn good story.

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